There are a lot of capable freelancers out there – but — why me?

Here’s why:

I’m personally invested in your success. Why? Here’s why:

  • I’ll hop on a free 30-minute call with you to discuss SEO and give a free consultation – live walkthrough – if it’s still not a good fit, you can opt to not proceed:
  • You can proceed with platforms like Upwork that have an escrow service built in so you’re guaranteed work completion.
  • I have been doing SEO for 5+ years, live in the ‘SEO Capital of the World’ which is Chiang Mai, Thailand, known as a digital nomad hotspot
  • I have worked as an in-house SEO for 3 different agencies, completed freelance work for 12+ clients and owned 15+ websites in the past, gaining a total of 7.2m+ traffic and hundreds of thousands in revenue for my clients

Here’s what my previous clients say about me:

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